Warrior Classes

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Warrior Classes

Post by Admin on Wed Aug 30, 2017 9:20 pm

Skills-mounted charge mounted combat allied movement gain as a class proficiency 3 long ranged weapon or sword
Gain a mount slash pet

Skills- chivalry order command ordered conquest if a class
arsenal and weapon proficiency 2 or weapon proficiency 4

Skills: Proficiency 3, Rage, Martial Focus, Arsenal, Relentless Rage

Skills - order command bound hit defense shift if class proficiency 4 or 2 and defensive guard or offensive Armoring

Skills 1 crafting skill of your choice 1 training skill of your choice 1 focus of your choice proficiency 4 and an additional free skill

Battle Mage
Skills ordered command proficiency 3 any scribe summon familiar
And summon weapon element and any weapon might is matter

Skills - Defensive guard, rage, Protective focus, weapon proficiency 3, and gain war cry if a class


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