Divine Classes

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Divine Classes

Post by Admin on Wed Aug 30, 2017 9:19 pm

Spirt seer
Skills-spirit sight, Spiritual radiance, Soul forging, Soul devouring, and spirit wisp
If main class gain gifted casting

Skills- channel energy(positive) fervor(Gods smite) gain proficiency 3 of the favored weapon
2 domains only 1 if sub-class

Skills Summon familiar choice hex brewing 1 necromancy 1 and if it is a class they gain apothecary consultant

Skills summon familiar brewing 1 enchanted touch Spiritualization spirt summons and Divine orisons

Skills foresight 3 oracle 1 Divine orison Gifted casting Touch of The Void

Skills proficiency 3 of the favored weapon of the god fervor(Gods smite) 1 domain holy gift
Angel's Vengeance if a class

Skills gain proficiency 3 of the favored weapon fervor(Gods smite) Stealthy 3 and if a class gains 1 domain

Skills gain proficiency 3 of the favored weapon Brewing 2 Stealthy 2 gains (one domain of god or Demon lord or A pact ) and gains necromancy 2 if a class


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