Mage Classes

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Mage Classes

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Pyromancer - mage
Skills- elemental body(fire),ignis touch ,Artisan / and gain black smiting if this is a class
Spells type- fire, explosives
Artifice Research notes- allows you to get
Access to mechanically magic items and artifacts

Polymorphist - magus
Skills- elemental-body(water),polymorphy , summon water, / and gains proficiency 3 unarmed if it’s a class
Spells- basic counter spells, polymorphy, water magic

Hieromancer - mage
Skills-Elemental body(light), Weapon summon(light),
Mage focus/ and gain Encase(Light chains)
Spells- Light, summoning, buffing, and

Druid - magus
Skills-Commune(Nature) transfer energy(life) / and morph form (animal) if it is your class
Spell natural magic, summoning , energy and nature magic fey magic

Electromancer - mage
Skills- elemental body(Electrical ),electrolyze ,Artisan / and gain engineering if this is a class
Spells type- electrical, stun, basic tech, shock
Artifice Research notes- allows you to get
Access to mechanically magic items and artifacts

Zephyr monk - magus
Skills- proficiency 3 unarmed elemental body (air) summon element (air) and gains counter blow if it’s a class
Spells- counters air and wind magic

Hemomagnus- magus
Skills-Polymorphy (self) necromancy 2 energy transfer (blood) Class Gain Forced exsanguinate
Spell-blood control, necromancy, healing, death
Research notes- allows you to gain new magical abilities

Egomancer - mage
Skills- Enhanced Essence Casting Essence Casting, mage focus two faced Self-Discovery 3 (pick 3 more essences of the same type as your main essence. You may swap between your essence and these 3 as a swift action. At certain points in your life to the WM’s discretion, you may gain a rank in Self-Discovery

Arcanist - mage/magus
Skills- scribe, mage focus, bloodline, apprentice
Spell- arcane
Arcane discovery- may pick additional spells

Dungeon mage - magus/mage
Skills-(Golemancy 3 geomancy 3 grotesques(one level of the others) )
mage focus
Spells- earth stone

Artificer - mage
Skills - artisan engineering 2 brewing 1 and blacksmithing 1 Mage focus
Discoveries - 3 starting

Void mage -magus
Skills- warping 1 mage focus arcane ink if a class Warp sigil
Spells- gravity teleporting arcane

Chronomancer - mage
Skills - mage focus, time stop, scribe, and if a class Repeat sigil

Wizard - mage
Skills - scribe apprentice mage focus summon familiar summon weapon (is copper level and an element of your choice)

Necromancer - mage
Necromancy 3, Red Mana mage focus and gains Necromantic Cult
if it’s a class

Sorcerer - magus
Pure bloodline Morph form (Bloodline archetype) Any 3 magic training skills and if a class inherited casting 2(Arcanist) or Summon Familiar

Cyromancer - mage
Cyromancy 2, scribe, arc casting, mage focus, magic item crafting, if a class summon ice (weapon of choice)

1 you cannot have a spell that doesn't fit the type of magic you can cast 2 you cannot have a spell that gives you more knowledge 3 the gm has full authority over if a spell you create is possible Descriptor (2 know): this is the visual aspect of your spell, it shows the look of your spell. All spells will at least use 2 Knowledge. A spell can have 2 Descriptor. You cant take a descriptor that your class cannot cast Examples: void, light, earth, fire, water, wind, Æther, erbus, sand, darkness, crystals Minor Effect ( 3 know): this allows for basic Manipulation of the descriptor.  It's range can go up to 30ft if an attack and 5 ft. by 5 ft. by 5 ft. if a Construct. Slightly Mediocre Effect (6 know): this allows for slightly better Manipulation of the descriptor. attacks can go up to ranges of 60 ft., and can create 10ft by 10ft by 10ft constructs Mediocre Effect ( 8 know): this is reasonable control of the descriptor. Things with this can reach ranges of 120 ft. and can create 15 ft. by 15 ft. Damaging Effects (varies but starts at 2 know): The default damage for a damaging spell is 1d4. By adding 2 Know to the damage Cost you increase it to a d8 then a d12. After a d12 it adds another d4 to the damage then the process repeats. To make the damage add a dice but skip the dice increase make the extra cost 3 instead of 2 then it just adds a d4. Ultimate Control ( 48 know ): this spell gives you full control of the descriptor within an area determined by an aspect of yourself related to the descriptor. This aspect is chosen by the gm

Mage - learned spell casting classes
Magus- you are born with the abilities

(Applies only if you can cast the spells as a simple action)
You may only cast 2 spells per turn items staffs and tools for casting each give +1 cast

All Mages are able to learn and be taught with Arcane research

All magus's can learn to activate dominate bloodlines through training and conditioning

For a mage to learn arcane research they must be rank 1 and have a kno of 30

For a magus to learn to activate there bloodline it must be of there element must be rank 1 and must be able to cast 3 spells without fail(without failing Low DC (24) or have around a kno of 25 )


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