Sigil's, Linked Magic, Self Enchants, Hex's

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Sigil's, Linked Magic, Self Enchants, Hex's

Post by Admin on Thu Nov 02, 2017 6:47 pm

Warp Sigil
You may Teleport to Anyone with your Arcane Signet
Requires either Realm warp 3, Warp 3 or for you to be a void mage

Repeat Sigil
You may rewind the time on an item which has your arcane signet
Requires Chronomancer or Wizard Rank 3

Hex's require witch or shaman

Lurking Vision
You are able to see in low or no light but have a -3 cha this also gives you nocturnal

Hardened Flesh
You gain a +6def and a -6 Dex

Cold Stare
Gain elemental body ice and sight beyond sight and a -5 to all stats and -1 on all rolls upon using sight beyond sight

Rebirth Of The Doomed
You may resurrect once per week upon resurrecting you must take -1 to all stats and change race


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