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Allows the player to get one genetic skill
EX: inherit spell casting, knowledgeable, fiery skin

Inherit spell casting
You are able to cast racial spells (Orc, Dragon born, Elf ) spells cost 1 less

You may pulse electric though an object it does damage to anyone touching it without resistance. Immunity or body relating to electric if don’t have one of these things it does 1d3 and 1 round stun

Elemental body
Your body is covered and partially made of (element)
This can come in many forms and does damage with certain forms
Others gain defense dexterity and or charisma

Regenerate health knowledge and or charisma points
By any amount per turn

Ore production
Create ore elements or other things depending on creature
Or player

Elemental breath
You may breath a type of breath based on the element

Serrated body
When you are attack with melee your opponent takes 1 damage
Per defense

Void weightless
You are unaffected by the void

False life
You have no real signs of being alive and are unaffected by
Things that affect your con

You are unaffected by vison impairments

Hard as a rock
You cant swim and sink in all liquids

Oily hide
Makes slick increases dexterity

Drifting body
Can float on the surface of the water

Teleport 15Ft in any direction per level

Undead life
You are an undead and have no con use what con would be
And add it to charisma which you use as your Hp

You are unaffected by things that affect your age and time

Thick hide
Gain a resistance to ice and fire which decrease all damage
By 0.10

Sea's Breath
You are able to breath under water

Jutting strike
It allows you to hit multiple times with one weapon type

Only obtained form racial
You know all knowledge of one subject

You must sleep for an extended period

You are always at night

Poison blood
You lose stats from you hurting your self or a team mate

Reflective form
You may copy the form of any creature

Mind Sculpting creates a mass
Of fake pools around real pools
Of water allows the create to hide
In its illusions

Morph spell
Once per turn the creature may take one of
Your spells or spell like abilities

Morph form
Once per turn the creature may take
A form of one creature

Morph size
Once per turn the creature may
Change size to any size 1 below or 1 higher than its current

Cannibal focus
Once per day upon eating one humanoid
Creature you gain a +3 to all stats until of
Of day

Natural Weapon Proficiency
You add a dice on all natural attacks

Drained life
-5 on all stats

Able to swim with an additional + 20
Foot and is unaffected by water
Movement Debuffs

Oily Projectile
May shoot ink or oil from your body this may cause any effect

Summon eidolon
You may summon an eidolon from the depths of your mind

Cursed soul
You are bound to your deal maker
If your maker where to die you gain
Their deal maker ability

Deal maker
You make deals with souls of
Your enemy's

Summon element
Create one element by force

Weapon summon
Create one elemental weapon

Energy Transfer
Can switch energy between anything
Depending of the type of energy transfer targets must be willing and within 100ft

Energy Drain
Can switch energy between anything
Depending of the type of energy transfer you must use your own self as a conduit and targets don’t have to be willing

Allied movement
Your allies gain bonus' depending on your order

Gifted casting
Able to gain spells from allies and other casters

Masterwork touch
Allows you to replace any crafting item for 100 gold

Takes energy from a circle(30 ft. ) and takes Health from the
Area making positive neutral and negative positive

Modified body - a part of your body now
Acts if it's some type of weapon with a
+3 proficiency

Pass without Trace - this creature does not leave footprints or have a scent although unless said otherwise they can still be tracked by essence

Ravenous blood - gains a X1.25 on all hits with all physical damage

Levitation (genetic trait): The creature with this trait can never be prone or take fall damage

Nocturnal transformation - skills and stat bonus at night

Gain a +1 bonus to each stat for each other of them in a swarm

Manticore Sight: +6 to Knowledge and can activate the Command spell at any time

Chimera Strength: +6 to Strength and can change your damage to Necrotic, Fire, and Negative Energy for one turn

Pegasus Speed: +6 to Dexterity and gets Flight, along with that you get 1d4 HP per turn

Elemental Affinity: decreases the cost of the spell by the level X 0.05 of the skill but cannot lower it beyond 1

Elemental Complications: you are unable to hold certain objects based on your element

Hive sight - you may create and see from small creatures made of your flesh

Unfamiliar body - you may change From your current form to one of An aberrant nature

Chitinous hide - every rank add an additional + 4 def

Sludge form - you are unaffected by size constrictions any form changes appear as nothing

Other worldly touch - you have a 0.25 resistance to all attacks but take 1d6 of damage per turn while in combat

Wings of unlife - you gain flight -4 con +6 str +2 Dex and may cast necromancy and polymorphy spells

Ginormous size- you gain a +10 con per size over medium or/and for how fearsome or dangerous your size is(determined by World master)

Sight beyond sight - per level once per day you may change any roll to what you would choose it to be

Parasitic: this creature is a parasite. The description is given to the host while latched on. The parasite takes 5 damage per turn without a host Removable

Parasite: the parasite no longer takes damage.

Brain Linked Parasite: the parasite can control the host's motor functions and can telepathically communicate with the host

Summon familiar
You may summon your chosen familiar once per day

Isochrones blast
Do 1d6 per rank of frost and light damage or 1d4 touch per rank of negative and frost damage

realm warp
You may create portals and warp without damage

Consume Energy
Once per turn the creature absorbs all the energy of a specific type and either reflect it at the enemy or Gain it as stats

Limitless power
Can have over the max cap of con kno cha or other absorbable stats

Soul capture
Capture the essence and soul of a recently deceased creature

Gnashing Tooth
Gains a +3 to each bite attack and scratch attack these attacks cause enemy's to bleed now

channel energy(Any) - within 30ft per rank of character channel channels energy of a specific type for 1d6 per 2 ranks +1 you may activate this ability per rank + 1/5 your charisma total

Fervor Spell(Gods Spell) - within 30ft per rank of character fervor Channels a spell to 3 target + 2 per your rank and 1/5 of your charisma total you may activate this ability per rank + 1/5 your charisma total

Tribal Call - summon a single class rouge/wizard/ranger/fighter once per turn with equal rank as you and similar stat ratios

Flight(Able to fly)

Explosive body - upon (Dying, taking damage or being touch) you deal 1d6 fire &| force damage

Static body - upon taking damage you cause stun effect on the enemy

Commune - allows you to speak with or have a conversation with any thing under the category given by it (any)

Nullifying Force - nullifies a certain type of ability, skill, magic or racial ability in an area(Any)

ethereal cascade
Part of your body either leaks into another world or can not leave a world


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