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Technique skill list

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Ferocious focus take one turn to think
About their there nature and use all
Force to attack their enemy add Dex to
All physical attacks

Maul Foe Grapple target for 2d4 of rounds
Every attack do a swift action of Claw swipe
Or bite also ignore move actions This creature
Can only attack in this action

Ripping bite uses bite attack and drag
Opponent into the water to drowned them
Only do this Attack within 5 Ft of
Water this also Grapples target
For a Dc of 43 creature can't Attack
In This Grapple

Keen Focus while in the heat of battle
The creature may regain focus on the
Fight this gives a +3 to all attacks
But only have 3 rounds of combat

Dragon born Style
Deal 1d10 of piercing damage
to up to 2 Targets you then are
Stunned for one round
Requires weapon proficiency swords 3
And a draconic race

Drake born style
Deal .75 of your total damage but for the next 3 rounds of combat you can not gain stats debuffs
Requires weapon proficiency 3
And a draconic race

Rain drop kick deals 2d10 of magic
Damage and create one storm cloud
requires weapon proficiency
unarmed 3 Knowledge of 20 and
Zephyr monk

Basic martial arts gain a +2 to Dex
Def or Str per level except first which
is a plus 4 requires weapon proficiency
Unarmed or any exotic weapon 5

Advanced martial arts gain +4 to Dex Def
Str or con per level except the first is a
Plus + 8 requires weapon proficiency
unarmed 8 and Dex Str Def or 40 and
Basic martial arts 3

Hamon gain +10 con the ability to control
Life energy with this you gain elemental
Body (Divine) along with this you get a +4 to
Any other stuff
Requires advanced martial arts 4

Hidden form
You are hidden in a certain terrain
Based on your training
Requires stealthy and
Basic martial art 1

Martial focus
You may sit for a while and
Think of your training before a
Fight to regain all stats
Requires you to be
Monk, samurai, ninja,

Mage focus
You may focus 3 turns to
Gain back all knowledge
Requires a Mage/wizard class

fighter of the feather pillow
your attacks hit like a sissy girly
add 1 d10 of nonlethal damage to all attacks

You lose health much quicker (1.25) but gain
A higher attack bonus (1.50)+3
Requires brawler berserker barbarian or knighted class

Counter blow
Block magic for a turn
Requires zephyr monk or 30 kno and Counter discovery

Gain X2 gold and +5 to all stats if in a fair fight
Requires knighted class

Order command
Gain an order which allies also gain as well
Requires a knighted class

Ordered conquest
Target up to 3 opponents you may track these targets till the next
Day and gain a +5 to all hits against them
Requires a either a warrior class or a martial class

Extreme Escape Artist (requires Pain Tolerance 5): The ninja can dislocate their bones to get out of ropes and other traps. The userĀ  gets +10 to Dexterity on the next escape artist check but cannot attack with their arms until they take one turn to relocate their bones

Walk on hands (requires Pain Tolerance 5 and stealthy): The ninja can become extremely stealthy in a way needed to sneak in buildings. They become audibly invisible and cannot fail stealth checks while doing this. The ninja usesĀ  half their movement speed and cannot attack while using this technique.

Honed Focus: The ninja spends 3 turns in meditation while purging illness from their body, after the three turns all stat penalties are recovered and all minor curses and all poison effect are cured. If you use this for 6 turns you can use the same effect on a willing creature

Rope Trick (requires a Dex of 24): Take one turn to study the target's movements ( you are still able to dodge the target but not anyone else ). Afterwards you may use any Rope or Rope like material to tie up the target (this can include magic made creations as long as they are solid). The target must make a Dexterity save rivaled against a roll from your knowledge + dexterity. After this attack you must spend another turn tieing them down.

Guerilla Trap setting: you spend 5 turns setting up a minimum 100Ft by 100Ft area with traps of your choice. For every 50ft extra you add 1 more turn. While battling in this area you can activate one of your traps as a swift action to use against foes.

Ninja Rations (Requires Ninja Subclass or main class): Ninja can create well prepared rations made for the day if they have access to the ingredients. They are odorless so when eaten 5 days in succession they are unable to be tracked by smell. Each ration is made for the ninja who created it and it heals hit points equal to the Con you had when you made it.

Relentless Rage: after one turn of preparation, you gain Invincibility until your next turn

Bound hit - auto grapples target and pins to ground if they control a chain they may bind to
Any surface
Requires vanguard

Defensive guard - +6 def and can block with str def or con
Requires vanguard

High jump the player launches themselves into the
Air 1d6 of Ft times 7 and gains the weightless
ability for 1d3 of round

Song writer
When you get it gain 3 additional songs
Requires bard

Lyrical genius
You may use one lyric as a effect from a song
Requires song writer

Lyrical masterpiece
You may use three lyrics as a effect from a song
Requires lyrical genius

+3 bonus to all swords and a +1 per rank

Gust - blow enemy 5ft away
Requires elemental skill based on wind

A steady blade - you sword can block almost all projectiles as a reaction(these are DC rolls)
Requires sword play

Sword play
You may attack twice with a single sword per turn
Requires sword proficiencies 3 and a melee class

Advanced duel wielding
You may hit with double your weapons bonus
Requires a weapon proficiencies 5 with one handed Swords

Agile movement
You may use your dex as any of your other physical stats
Requires a dex of 30 and a small or large size

Trap builder- as a quick action you may set traps and or build traps from various materials
Such as metal's wood string and or ice
Requires stealthy 3 and artisan

Long shot - gain a +50 to range on all bows crossbows or simple guns and rifles
Requires a ranged class

Holy Gift - when 1 time a day + rank bonus you have a attack that cant miss as well as a +10 to damage
Requires paladin cleric ranger or war monger 10

Sneak attack
While sneaking or in stealth all attacks gain a +6

While sneaking with a knife dagger and sword you may attack with your dex - 10 bonus as your damage but only from behind

As a attack action you may go in stealth or attack from stealth while attacking in stealth you gain a + 10
Requires sneak attack and stealthy 5

Butter Knife - when fighting an enemy who can clearly see you get an extra 2 levels of proficiency with knives

offensive Armoring
When attack you may counter attack while an opponent is attacking blocking or activating a skill if successful attack their damage does not go though
Requires vanguard

Gnarled breath - causes a bonus of +5 of acidic necrotic or poisonous damage upon breath or biting attacks
Requires (maul foe ferocious focus ripping bite) and (sinister breath necromancy leech )

Sinister breath - all attacks gain acidic or negative bonus of +1
Requires Evil alignment evil essence or monstrous race

Bushido - can be activated at any time gain invincibility and takes 3 turns to re-charge
Requires warrior class def 25 or greater

apothecary consultant
You may know what is in a potion that you find it ingredients and where to find those ingredients you are also able to use cauldrons and brewing devices properly
Requires witch shaman alchemist or wizard

Foolish Samurai
You may switch weapon upon attack to any item in your area you may also drop any item or pick up any weapon as a quick action
Requires Aikido Dambe and martial focus

You may redirect any offensive attack launched at you
Requires basic martial arts 4 and advanced martial arts 4

You may use nails, chains, and rope to increase the damage of your punch by +3 per rank
Requires proficiency 3 chains and basic martial arts 3

Might is matter
You may have one stat that you instead roll knowledge
Requires a mage class a warrior and a knowledge of over 30

Forced exsanguinate
You may drain a targets blood (2d6)(Hp) and heal or create a weapon tool or piece of armor
These will all be rated at iron but you ma place the blood on an existing weapon to make it gain
A +1 Attack bonus and a +1 Str bonus
Requires (necromancer Hemomagnus warlock witch) and a kno of 40 or higher

Voice of annoyance
Causes the head ache effect as well as stun prone or knocks you to the ground roll a d3 to decide this also causes 1d4 of damage
Requires you to be small and be able to scream for hours without becoming fatigue

Weapon proficiency
Gain a +1 with a specific weapon and gain the dice type of that weapon again every 10 levels

Serrated bite
All bite attacks gain a +2 and can grapple
Requires at unarmed proficiency

Heavy Fist
All fist attacks can only launch once per turn
But all unarmed attacks do +3 and does a 1d3 to determine either nothing stun or prone for a turn

True-Shape Magnus
For 3 hours you become a True-Magnus along with this comes a +10 to kno and cha along with a +5 con and def you have access to all spell list along with this you can cast 2 additional spells each turn
Requires Low pain tolerance 2 morph form(Dragons) you have to have a Magnus class

morph form(Dragons)
-same as normal morph form but only an hour
Requires a draconic race low pain tolerance 1 and a knowledge of at least 18

Quick Hit
You may add a +3 to any small weapon or unarmed attack
Require you to be a small size category

True-Vampiric Bloodline
You may at will switch between con and cha as you Hp you as gain your con back if you are an undead as well as being able to directly drink 1 quart of blood to gain 1d6 Hp back
Requires A vampire race, Hemomagnus, and either a warrior or divine class excluding Battle mage, shaman, and witch

Tracking sense
allows you to track a targeted enemy or target by scent or sound must make a DC 30 knowledge check each 3 turns while tracking or loss tracking
Requires a dex of 18 and a kno of 18

allows you detect specific targets or enemy's while blinded in low light or in complete darkness
requires you to have essence tracking, or a rouge class, have tracking sense

allows you to detect any enemy target if they are within 15ft of you and have a +5 to all tracking rolls and sense rolls
requires true-sense, tracking sense and a know of 24

Protective focus
Allows you once per 5 turns to gain 1d10 of Con or gain a +2 def for the duration of the cool down
Requires vanguard, barbarian or berserker

War Cry
Gain 1d6 of con, str, and def, after this for 1d3 of you have a +0.10 to all damage done against you
Requires any warrior class

Able to dual wield light guns this will nullify dead eye and any ability that will increase accuracy takes full round action to unequipped
Requires proficiency of any light gun 4 and bloody clip 1


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