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void mage

Post by Admin on Tue Jan 02, 2018 3:09 pm

2 Knowledge spells

Sync spell  DC 12
Create a portal warp for 1 spell

Counter spell DC 15
Counter target spell for every 5 kno add one to counter

Teleport spell DC 16
Force a spell to retarget  for every 5 kno add one to counter

5 knowledge spells

Crush DC 21
Throw a hard bubble of gravity for 1d6 of damage

Conflux DC 31
Put a large ward in front of you that prevent the next 1d6 of spells but you may not cast counter spell while you control this ward

15 knowledge

Reality Slash DC 26
Throw a Thin blade of harden space that deals 1d8 this is treated as a throw spell as well as a sword you roll knowledge to hit and if it crit's X3 and bleed damage if inflicted

Realities juxtapose DC 28
You may switch 2 objects within your field of vision and make them switch places you must prepare this spell a turn ahead of time

Void Walk DC 32
You may walk through walls or solid materials for 1d6 of rounds as well enemy's must roll 5 over your total def total to hit you

20 knowledge

Void prosthetics DC 16
Create voidic tools armor and weapons
To either replace current items for protection they are treated as void iron

Reality aura DC 28
Grants immunity to dead eye, sharpshooter, and radius humorous as well as splash damage for 3d3 of turns  

30 knowledge

Pulse gravity DC 44
Increase gravity by.25 or decrease gravity for .25 for X where X is your weight/5 in Feet

Improve Strength DC 32
Increase your weight by 25lbs per 5 strength as well as increase your strength by 5 ends by the end of the day

Improve Dexterity DC 28
Decrease your weight by 25lbs per 5 Dexterity as well as increase your Dexterity by 5 ends by the end of the day


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