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2 knowledge spells

Spark - DC 20
Create a sparks or a small flame

Radiant rune - DC 20
Summon a orb of light

Flare - DC 20
Release a single flare into the air

5 knowledge spells

Ring of fie - DC 24
Create a ring of fire that adds 1d4
Of def to you and if harmed
Deals 1d4 of damage

Fire ball - DC 28
Create an orb of flames that you may shot at a target this does 1d8 of damage in a 20ft area in front of you

Summon infernal bow - DC 20
Create a bow that fire 3d3 of flaming arrows when summoned each 1d2

10 knowledge spells

Infernal armory - DC 32
Create flaming tools armor and weapons To either replace current items of for protection they are treated as fire enchanted copper

Fire lung - DC 26 if failed take 1d4 fire damage
For gain elemental breath fire for 2d6 of rounds and are unable to miss breath attacks

Holy flames - DC 29
Heal target for 4d2 of damage it also cures of all current diseases

20 knowledge spells

Incendiary assault - DC 32
Throw 2d4 of flaming grenades that each do 1d4 of fire and bludgeon damage

Tidal flame - DC 40
Create a 40ft by 40ft wave a flames that does 8d3 of fire damage

Infernal engine - DC 60
You may cast 2 spells equal to your total knowledge for free from the Electromancer's spell list

50 knowledge spell

Flaming fury - DC 70
Create a tornado of fire that deals 3d6 of fire damage to an area in front of you for the next X turns where X is the total turn you pay 5 for at the beginning pf each turn

Infernal summons - DC 120
Summon 3 dragons with fire aspect which stats will be determined by the Wm which may not be below a total of 60


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