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2 knowledge spells

Create water - DC 20
Creates a gallon of water

Spark - DC 20
Create a sparks or a small flame

Minor creation - DC 25
Create an item costing 50 gold
-must be a gem or metal shard

Radiant rune - DC 20
Summon a orb of light

Ghastly aura - DC 25
Create shadows around you

5 knowledge spells

Magic missile - DC 27
Creates 1d4 of magic missiles that each deal 1d2 of arcane damage

Ice spike - DC 24
Shot a spike of ice that does 1d3
Of ice damage and 1d2 of prone

Chain lightning - DC 38
cause 1d8 of damage to enemy's if the initial target is within 15FT it will also effect and stun the targets up to the total up to 15

Ring of fire - DC 32
Create a ring of fire that adds 1d4
Of def to you and if harmed
Deals 1d4 of damage

10 knowledge spells

Summon frosty Dagger - DC 24
Create a ice dagger with a +3 enchantment on it this dagger also makes all damage magic and ice along with melee

Fire ball - DC 35
Create an orb of flames that you may shot at a target this does 1d8 of damage in a 20ft area in front of you

Spear of static - DC 27
Create a spear of electricity that does 2d6 of damage this spear also absorb magic if attacking a enemy it will act as drain and gain only knowledge and only deal knowledge damage

Arcane explosion - DC 40
Create a large orb of arcane energy that when it explodes releases 4d2's of magic missiles which each do 1d2 of damage

Arcane ammunitions - DC 24
Create 100 arcane bullets bolts or arrows which add +1d2 to each shot they also are counted as arcane damage with used

20 knowledge spells

Arcane Drain - DC 45
Create a ray that deplete up to 3 targets of 3d4 of knowledge and gain that much

Arcane Armory - DC 35
Create arcane tools armor and weapons
To either replace current items of for protection they are treated as Arcane Mythril

Super charged Spark - DC 55
Create a 3d8 explosion that is treated as electric and fire damage

Wave of Darkness - DC 65
Create a tidal wave of Create darkness
That prevents anything hit with it to attack this will also make anything hit gain prone for 1d6 turns as well force disarm them

Ætheric ablution - DC 65
Create a mass whirlwind of arcane magic preventing anything from rolling attack rolls and from casting spells or activating abilities/skills

50 knowledge spells

Erebuic Annihilation - DC 120
Cast a shadow of Dark arcane energy dealing 4d12 of negative energy damage to divide among 6 targets

Bend Time - DC 240
For 1d8 of rounds you get to chose the order of turns they do not have to be in a direct order

Bend space - DC 240
For 1d12 of rounds you choose the terrain of the fight and the gravitational effects as well

Ghastly Will - DC 160
Acts as command but without the ability to save also prevents enemy from attacking defending or moving target 1d3 of enemies

Ætheric Channel - DC 70
Roll 6d6 and heal up to 3 targets for that amount this gains back knowledge and constitution

100 knowledge spells

Ætheric Armory - DC 160
Create Ætheric tools armor and weapons
To either replace current items of for protection they are treated as Godsend

Erebuic Armory - DC 160
Create Erebuic tools armor and weapons
To either replace current items of for protection they are treated as necrotic adamantine


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