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Aether - 200 for 4 vials
- causes increased magic ability for 1d2 of round
- +0.25 to magic damage +1d10 kno
Side effects
- 1d6 turns of head ache after effects end
- 1d10 kno drain after effects end
Addiction - DC 44
-  When you become addicted to Aether you must  consume 6 oz. per day of aether and cast a mass of spells  if you don’t you gain the headache effect for 2d12 of turn and cant be cured of it

Zen - 50 a joint
- Removes any mental effects on its user
- Bonus to all psionic attacks +.25
- Bonus to all magic attacks +.25
Side Effects
- Large rash that when hit deals 1d3 additional damage and a 1d2 of bleed
- Hyper realistic area all damage is +.10
Addiction - DC 13
- If you become addiction to this drug you must smoke one joint a night and rashes no longer can grow
(Alcohol - Depends on strength
- Small kno bonus 1d10
- Slight pain tolerance -0.05
- Gain back 1d3 Hp
Side Effects
- Headache
- 1d6 knowledge drain upon a headache
- Inability to  use psionic discharge
Addiction - DC 33
- You must drink when you get the chance
- Hangovers come over slower and last short
- 1d2 Hp drain )Depends on strength

Peyote   - 150 a joint
- Creates hyper realistic area around you
- Allows divine casters to gain +0.35 to all spell damage
- If you have artisan you may craft something with this and it gain +1 to all stats
Side Effects
- Slight headache
- Nausea
- Confusion effect
Addiction - DC 13
This addiction does nothing


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