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Deity List

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Deity's and God's

Thursday, July 6, 2017
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Clodiyss, Clodiyss Rain Storm - Chaotic good
Deity of storms, weather, lightning, nobility,
Merfolk, Animating/Animation, water based

Patron of Merfolk zephyr monks and polymorphists

Bonus elemental body( electric ) +2 kno

Originally a deity of the lost tribes Clodiyss left because of the
Cruel and aggressive nature of the other gods and goddess
Angered and betrayed he leaves and seeks new residency for his
People coming to the land Zeinith leaving form the tribes of
Farsthic the land of the harsh Black moon

Clodiyss, Clodiyss Wrath Storm - Chaotic evil
Deity of the Feral tribes, harsh sea's storms
Thunder, annihilation, and sacrifice

Parton of monk of violence, Electromancer's and Hemomagnus

Bonus elemental body (electric, fire) +2 str

Tribal and dark the gods violent and cruel side formed from
The anger he feels from his people pain from the racism focused
On Merfolk mass genocide of mages in the third era during the
Execution of the humanoid races and the arrival of the Elder ones

Lettia, Mother of the Sea - lawful good
Deity of seas, oceans, sea creatures, ice, glacier's,
Peace, healing, protection

Patron of Polymorphist Merfolk and water elemental's

Bonus +2 con +2 def and summon ice shield

mother of the seas Lettia is goddess of the seas and was born of
The planets sea foam which ancient people in the Antarctic used to
Build walls and homes seeing this she proclaimed the protector
Of life and the shield to do it

Solarii, Blossom of Fire - neutral evil
Deity of light healing necromancy fire torment fear cruelty and

Patron of children pyromancers necromancer's Ifrit and sun based creatures

Bonus +2 cha and ignis touch

Daughter of the inferno and mother of her personal cult chosen upon the
Death of the one before a cruel and uncaring mother treating her following
(daughters) as slaves and prisoners

Caxamite, Fist of stone - neutral good
Deity of stone earth iron shields protection and Golemancy

Patron of human's constructs dungeon mages earth elemental's and dwarfs

Bonus +2 def and summon weapon stone gauntlets

Hand of stone ,brother of flame, builder of walls and defender of life
The mighty stone god fight's his battles hand in hand punching his way to victory
Though he started mortal he has earned his right to be god of the stone fist

Voice, Blade of Justice - Lawful good
Deity of knight the night moons silver sword's chivalry
And protection

Patron of warrior classes metallic elemental and swordsmen

Bonus +2 def +2 str and summon steel sword

The mighty knight of the moon sword of justice and lord of the
Order of the silver moon which upon death a new voice is
Chosen from his order who ever is the most powerful and kindly willed

Vulcanite, Fist of flame - Lawful evil
Deity fire flame forge iron hammers attack and Golemancy

Patron of dwarfs fire, earth, and metallic elemental's vanguard and dungeon mages

Bonus +2 def +2 str and summon weapon fist of steel

Fist of the forge brother of the earth builder of cannons and swords destroyer of
Peace the ferocious god of flames he battles with his fist of Steel and fire punching
His way to destroy all who oppose his rule though he began mortal he claimed his
Right of godly prowess by his destructive wrath

Tharrisis, Black Storm - True Evil
Deity of storms necromancy negative energy corruption

Patron of necromancer's evil mages electric elementals and undead

Bonus +3 str and sinister breath

The sinister knight ,lord of corruption, plague of the world
His decision shake the world he was born of the dark whims of
The warlocks whose missions failed and journeys ended making
Him a unwavering dark force

Hek, Many faced Elder - chaotic neutral
Deity of masks jaws eyes the face shape shifters and harbingers or just secretaries

Patron of Rouges vampires wer-creatures and demonic's and secretaries

Bonus +2 cha and +3 to intimidate checks Morph(anything you can see)

The once great living harbinger of life now just
A god of many faces one of the grand elders who arrived in
The 4th cataclysm who came thought with his brethren to
Annihilate the world deprive its dying of resources to claim their
Destruction with his existence now just a simple god of secretaries

Slotahfish - chaotic ~~~~~
Deity of warping planes portal dimensions invincibility and realms

Patron of extra planar creatures aberrant and Merlurker/deep Merfolk

Bonus +2 any +1 any -1 any and realm warp

The Great fish a huge realm warping monster who's sole
Purpose is to "hey man I ain't that bad and sole purpose I like
To do a lot of thing" wait why are you here wait how are you
Here "come on I can be anywhere why not come to the first
Time lore is written of me " oh ok well his sole purpose is
To "HEY I said I do a lot get over here" no don't stop "no give
Me that pen" he does what he wants

Garmavice - True Neutral (not really Chaotic neutral)
Deity of guns problem solving thought and tactics

Patron of tacticians gunslingers dragoons and true warriors

Bonus +3 dex and Dead eye

The defender of the weak (only if he gets prays) the leader of the strong (but only the ones who are priest) the living embodiment of knowledge and strength (but not to is enemy's) the great gun in the sky (not really he is a Walker) the powerful lord of ammo(though he losses it in a desk draw) the mighty revolver of peace (that causes wars) a True peaceful god

Levia, Witch of poison - lawful Evil
Deity of poisons, cures, brewing, witches and ice

Patron of Witches, oracles and water elementals

Bonus +2 kno +2cha and brewing

The head witch of court of Gods a seer of the future and a window to the events of time though she may sometimes be unknowing as a young goddess she makes many unwitting but useful mistakes and occasionally makes her more powerful

Polarii, Knight of ice and snow - chaotic good
Deity of knights, ice and the stars

Patron of knights water elementals and celestials

Bonus +3 kno +1 str and summon ice long sword

The grand ice knight the true heir to court knight reduced to a minor squire of the grand court only a servant to the night sky the voice of the wind he is but a star to the night and grand moon

Veltvisa, The Vital Force - neutral good
Deity of tamers life growth drakes

Patron tamers draconic and nature elementals

Bonus +3 cha +2 dex

The Grand goddess of the roaming beast the druid and tamer of the grand beast of the court of the gods born from the tree in the grand court and the blessing of the goddess of Lettia mother of Levia though she lacks the foresight of her mother and sister she has gained the grand sight of her the beasts and the growing plants in the garden

Qotla, Warped Rogue
Deity of the void and time

Patron of chronomancer void mages and Rouges

Bonus +2 kno and summon shadow copper throwing stars

The Loyal spy and rouge born from the Atroce's poisoned left hand once she feel from him she stood before him ready to steal from any one though she came from the poisoned void her loyalty only was for Atroce and his darkened half of the Court of Gods

Andowr, The Graced Winds
Deity of wind, spirts and peace

Patron of Monks of peace wind elemental and spirt classes

Bonus +3 cha and mend 1

The son of Sterous born of his more selfless acts a kind care giver of the court who shall surrender rather than cause was unbound by the needs of the court only following the needs of peace and perseverance of mankind and creatures they need to survive needing only the wind to maintain peaceful order

Heramat, Herald of Discord
Deity of flame chaos and insanity

Patron of Hemomagnus pyromancers and Firebrand bloodline

Bonus +1 kno +1 cha +1 str and summon Fire Sword cane

The born the flames of the first sun and the primal god Pyrox she lost the ability to become a Secondary primal in favor of her mother The first Solarii The first sun and became a raving mad goddess bent on destruction of life and the corruption of its mind

Sterous, God king Of the Court
Deity of good welfare of others and nobility

Patron of rulers Good Aligned people and Hieromancer's

Bonus +2 con +2 cha and summon light Chakrams

The Holy first king of the court of gods brother of Atroce and father of Andowr the true and diplomatic king of the gods a true and right ruler though he has a problem with finding the faults of all who he knows and points them out he is just though not allowing faults to be all he sees though its hard for him to see good in his people he does (also the contractor of the high celestials and angels)

Atroce, Malic Warden Of the court
Deity of evil spite malady and destruction

Patron of Warlocks Evil aligned people and Assassins

Bonus +3 dex summon Shadow copper dagger

The dark first warden and herald of the court of gods brother of Sterous and father of Helgrind the malevolent master of the darker half of the court of gods when sent on one of the many raids to harm the Elder ones he had been poisoned by Slahogis the limb rotted and spewed black corrupted slime it later fell from his body growing in to the goddess Qotla which borne the changes in reality binding void mages and chronomancers to earthly binds

Patron rules and gains based on patron deity's

When your deity is your patron you will receive a bonus similar
To the first level of warmonger and when you get warmonger you may
Gain this bonus again as if they never gat it in the first place


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