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Weapons & Armor

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Monk's Combat Spade: deals 1d10 of slashing damage plus a 1d4 of piercing damage -450
Axe Hammer: deals 1d8 of bludgeoning or slashing damage -650
Mambele: deals 1d6 of slashing damage but if you prepare 1 turn before an attack with a weapon 1 metal quality lower then the weapon if they hit you can break the weapon. This weapon also has a 25% chance to cause 1 Bleed damage -450
Pata Sword: deals 1d10 of piercing damage. If someone tries to disarm this weapon there is a 50% chance of it failing unless it is of magical means -400
Short sword: deals 1d6 of slashing damage -225
Longsword: deals 1d10 of slashing damage -275
Dagger: deals 1d4 of piercing or slashing damage -200
Club: deals 1d6 of bludgeoning damage -550
Great club: deals 1d10 of bludgeoning damage -650
Great sword : 1d12 of slash damage - 650
Battering Ram: deals 1d20 of damage. Must be used as a Siege weapon unless you are Huge or bigger and a strength of 30 -750
Pistol: deals 1d4 of piercing damage. Range 30 ft. -300
Revolver: deals 1d6 of piercing damage. Range 30ft. Can be fired 6 times before reloading -350
Rifle: deals 1d10 of piercing damage. Range 50 ft. Takes one turn to reload -450
Blunderbuss: deals 1d10 of piercing damage. Range 20 ft. cone. Fires 7 bullets each time. Takes 1 turn to reload -450
Sub-machine gun: deals 3d2 of piercing and blundering in a range of 60Ft - 350
Dragon Pistol: deals 1d8 of piercing damage. Range 15 ft. cone. Fires 5 bullets each time. -600
Goblin's Ex Wife (Pepper box gun): Can fire any object that at maximum is 5 ft. by 5 ft. by 5ft. Deals 1d10 of damage plus 1d10 per quality higher then bronze. -600
Broadsword: deals 1d8 slashing damage -250
Lance: deals 1d6 piercing damage but does 1d8 on a mount -300
Hand axe : deals 1d6 slash damage - 200
Whip : deals 1d8 of slash damage - 225
Gatling gun: Xd2 where X is the amount of barrels - 2000
Machine guns : Xd2 where X is amount of shots per turn -2500
Katana : 1d12 slash and bludgeon -380
Scythe : 1d10 Slash and 1d6 piercing - 350
Bo Staff :2d6 bludgeoning damage - 250
Jo Staff : 1d6 bludgeoning damage - 100
Flail: 2D6 bludgeoning damage - 240
Mace: 1D8 bludgeoning damage - 220
Spear: 1D10 piercing damage - 300
Halberd: 1d6 piercing 1d6 slashing 1d6 - 350
Broad axe: 1d8 slashing or while mounted 1d10 +2 slash and bludgeon

Double Action Gun: can be cocked a swift action or fired without cocking allowing to attacks but a -5 to the roll. This can be applied to hand cannons, Revolvers and pistols
Classic: This gun requires a full turn action to reload (if you have light hammer it takes a standard action). This gun is half price. Can be applied to regular pistols and regular rifles
Assault Rifle: deals 6d2s of piecing damage. This gun can be fired 10 times before a reload is needed. Each clip is 100 bullets Range 30ft - 400
Sniper Rifle: deals 1d12 of piercing damage. You can add +10 to Dexterity to your shot this turn but you are unable to use your Dexterity for defense for the round. Range 200Ft -1250
Blunderbuss: deals 4d2s of piercing damage. Range 30ft Cone- 450
Ackrian Mountain Drake (based of the real world Matera): deals 3d4 piercing damage. this gun can be fired 6 times before reloading. If cocked as a swift action it will fire twice, that trait cannot be used two turns in a row with the same gun. This requires a 25 Dexterity( +Gun smoke Bonus if applicable) or the gun has a -10 aim penalty. Range 60ft. - 300

Wraps + dex +cha -50
Light armors +dex + def -250
Medium armor +def -350
Heavy armor +def -500
Plate armor +def +prevent slash damage -600
Chain mail +def +dex +reduces bludgeon - 550
Scale mail +dex +def +reduces bludgeon & slash 1.25 -750
Full body armor + prevent slash reduce bludgeon -2000


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