Potion Crafting

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Potion Crafting

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Potions -Brewing/Magic crafting

Minor heal potion-Brew 1 DC 10
Pot of honey
2x Crushed Wheat grains
Bottle of water
Heal 1d8

Minor Mana potion- Brew 1 DC 10
Pure water
Cobalt shards
Moon Lily
Gain 1d8 kno back

Iron Blood Potion-brew 2 DC 28
1x bottle of water
3x iron fragments
1xDiced cast iron plant
1x Diced yellow dock
+3 def for 3 turns
You bleed steely colored blood

Moderate Heal potion-brew 2 DC 30
2xpot of honey
3x Crushed wheat grain
1xDiced Kava Kava
Heal 2d6

Moderate mana - Brew 2 DC 30
Pure water
2x cobalt shards
1x Moon lily
2x Diced Rosemary
Gain 2d6 of kno

Baleful bile - brew 2 shaman/witch DC 35
2x lead shards
1x fox glove
5x Crushed morning glory seed
Causes madness for 1d3 turns and also causes 1d3 of poison damage

Bull in A bottle -Large caldron- polymorphists/shaman -brew 2 DC 38
2x bottles of water
1x Ground Cinnamon root
1x Ground Ginger root
2x Diced Mustard grass
+6 to your next 3 attack rolls
+6 to your next 3 damage
+3 dex +3str
You take on the appearance of a bull

Dicing ingredients requires a basic knife or cooking knife

Crushing ingredients requires a mallet or cooking hammer

Ground ingredients require a mortar and pestle


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