Summon Familiar

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Summon Familiar

Post by Admin on Thu Oct 12, 2017 5:55 pm

Creature Bonus's Gained skills Requirements

Ferret +3 dex Acrobatics none

Owl +3 kno Nocturnal none

Turtle +3 def Defensive guard none

Constrictor +3 str Regrowth 2 none

Cat +3 cha Nocturnal none

Seal +3 con Finned none

Raiju +5 dex Electrolyze Advanced summons

Owl lynx +5 kno Isochrones blast Advanced summons

Horney toad +5 def Serrated body Advanced summons

Pygmy hippo +5 str Ravenous blood Advanced summons

Giant tortoise +5 con Knowledgeable(geography) Advanced summons

Scion of Hek +5 cha Monstrous stare Advanced summons

Chimera pup +2 str +2 kno +2 def Chimera strength Exotic summon

Leucrocuta +3 str +3 kno Morph spell Exotic summon


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