Character Sheet

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Character Sheet

Post by Admin on Wed Aug 30, 2017 9:02 pm

Con - roll stat
Def - roll stat
Dex - roll stat
Str - roll stat
Kno - roll stat
Cha - roll stat
Race - Choose from Race list
Class - Choose from Class list
Subclass -Choose from Class list
Skills - Choose 1 Skill
Job - Gain upon applying
Languages - Start with depending on race
Deity - choose from Deity list
Homeland - Choose from Map
Gender- Choose M/F
Height - Determined by Race
Age - You Determine
Alignment - Lawful/Chaotic/Neutral Good/Evil/Neutral
Weight - Determined by Race
Primary - Bought from store
Secondary - Bought from store
Tertiary - Bought from store
Stable Slots (Cool
Bag Slots(100)
Spells Learnt -learnt though training
Armor - Bought from store
Gear - Bought from store
Essence - One Element and one or more colors


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