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You take 5 points less of fall damage and are unable
To fall if you succeed concentration checks

Familiar spell casting
All spells count as learnt spells and all
Spell cost half as much requires 3 spell casting
Classes 50 knowledge and inherit spell casting

Pain tolerance
Reduce all damage by 0.05 percent per level for one damage type

Fragile molding
As a elemental wizard you are able to move
Fragile forms of that element

Dead eye
You bullets only miss when intercepted
Requires gunslinger as a class or subclass and a dex of 30

You may cast basic necromancy spell and rites and all Necromantic cost 1 less

You may create basic golems and creating them cost 3 less

You are slightly better at taming +1

Gain a +1 with all ranged attacks

Swordsmen ship
Gain a +1 with all sword attacks

You can cast basic earth magic and all earth cost 1 less

You can cast basic fire magic and all fire cost 1 less

You can cast basic ice magic and all ice cost 1 less

Sharp shooter
All bullets are counted as piercing
Requires gunslinger as a class or subclass and artisan

You gain a + 3 to all stealth eavesdropping sneaking lies pickpocketing and lock picking based checks per

You have a slight gaze into the future but its
Always an unsure event

Future vison
Requires foresight 3
You may see multiple futures and know their out comes

Oracle sight
Requires future vison 3
Tell the next most important events in history

More efficiently gather materials and money

Heal one ally within 30 feet by 1d4 points per level

Take 1d4 points of health of an enemy within 30 feet per level

Unholy light
Increase all stats by 5 per level when active but take 30 points of damage

Holy light
Decrease all stats by 5 per level when active but gain 30 points of health

Neutral light
Switch one stats and your health

War Monger
Gain stats and bonus from your deity

Light hammer
loading doesn’t take an action
Requires gunslinger as a class or subclass and a dex of 30

Heavy handed
All weapons are two handed but do double damage

Light handed
All weapons are one handed but do half damage

You may hit one enemy and go to the next if they are with in range

Greater cleave
You may hit though one enemy with in range and move to the next
Until you either don’t kill them or fail to hit you require cleave and
A strength of 80 to get this

Royal blood
You may start with an additional amount of money you also have a sense of power and
Royal intent Determined by your race

Mage blood
All bonus you gain are now knowledge and debuffs strength

Pure blood
You get additional stat boost based on your race

Enchanted touch
Enchant weapons with magic by touching them

Two Faced
You may have a second essence as well as appearance

Borrowed Time
Each Game the game master rolls in secret 3 D6 if all roll same number
You died that campaign but you get double skill and stats on rank

Lost thought
You half your total knowledge and gain that much of an other

Bashed Beauty
You half your charisma and gain that much
Stat in strength

You may pass though most solid objects and you
Can't pass through liquids if you do take 1/4 of your
life as damage
Requires undead 2

Ethereal form
You may switch from any plane to the ethereal plane at will
Requires undead 3 and semi-ethereal

Shadow form
you are invisible in shadows and are undetectable
Requires Stealthy 3

Arc casting
You may cast thrown spells for 0.10 less as well
As add a D6 to damage per level
Requires inherited casting or a spell casting class or blank casting

Arcane melee
You may attack with weapons and do
Magic damage from the weapon instead
Of melee damage
Requires inherited casting or a spell casting class or blank casting

You may now run towards a target to deliver
A more powerful blow adding 2D8's

Mounted Attack
You may now attack from up on your
Mount dealing the mounts basic attack
To your enemy
Requires charge

Defense shift
You may change your normal
Strength or Dexterity based attack
To Defense attack
Requires a monk class, agile movement, weapon prophecy(shield/staff) 5, or an "agile race"

Blank casting
You may cast simple spell and Rites

Time stop
Stop time for a 10 second you become prone for 10 seconds
And may not stop time while prone
Requires chronomancer

Monstrous stare
You can intimidate a creature within your area of one
size larger than you or 4 smaller than you

Pure essence
Your essence is confirmed to a more
Stable and potent form

Fused essence
Your mind and essence is combined
Together double one stat that is normally

Essence casting
You may cast spell's form your essence
As a false form of magic

Quicken spell
Cast spell at a extreme speed
Requires Arc casting, and essence casting
and a spell casting class

Excel Speed gains an additional 50Ft of speed
For 1d4 of rounds and has a quick action for
Movement on the turn its used

High jump the player launches itself into the
Air 1d6 of Ft times 7 and gains the weightless
ability for 1d3 of round

You don’t lose learnt spells on the end of
Requires wizard class

Ace casting
You have the ability to use cards
Paper and small pieces of metal to
Cast spells though
Requires at least 20 kno and to have
A trickster deity

apocalyptic horseplay
all people within 20ft of the user will be inclined to follow the ways of the users designated horseman
war - they become feral and attack those around them, pestilence - they become sickened and feel as though they have a migraine, need to vomit and suffer from every disease effect but only temporarily, Death - the victims Hp becomes one tenth of there original as long as they are within the area, famine- all victim become fatigued and need to vomit or eat as long as they are in your area
Require to worship a herald of the apocalypse

Essence shielding
Once per fight your defense Increases by 5 point per 10 knowledge spent

Arcane ink
You may cast at anytime arcane rune
On any creature

Essence tracking
You are able to see and detect the
Essence of creatures and players
Require an essence ability or Rouge

People be more trustable and innocent
And gain a +2 to cha per level
Requires you to be a youth

The cascading blows - your attacks rain like a waterfall, whenever you attack you hit one extra time for every time you take this skill if you crit fail, you may not continue your attacks Requires proficiencies 3 of any weapon

Self-Fracturing (Your Self-Discovery is no longer limited to the same type essence)

Unstable Essence (You may now switch between essences as a free action, but you also risk swapping unintentionally [1/100])

Essence Bleed (Your next Self-Discovery will give you a new spell list for all your essences, but it won’t benefit from
Enhanced Essence Casting unless you switch to it)

Unpredictable Spells (You may cast spells without needing to speak or move your hands)

Essence Forms (Your body reflects the essence you have at that moment, often giving you an elemental body.
Forms do not change your race)

Powerful Essence (When you swap essences and have no Knowledge remaining, you gain ¼ of your Knowledge)

Unleashed Mind (Once per day, you may use all your essences at once for 1 hour. However, this is much more taxing on the mind. After doing this, you take Knowledge damage equal to twice the number of spells cast during that time.)

Chaotic Psyche (Your mind, being so scattered with the number of essences, is immune to mind altering affects such as mind control or illusions. Your alignment also changes to Chaotic if it wasn’t already)

Arsenal- may switch between any weapon proficiency
Requires a level 10 weapon proficiency ninja or Multi Attack Focus

Soul compass - you become a compass towards the afterlife for lingering spirits
Requires a divine class

Spiritualization -you may tame and control spirts
Requires a divine class

Spiritualization ll - your process is much faster, and spirits that are not on par with your power cannot roll a save
Requires a divine class

Widows kiss - you poison your lipstick to a potent enough state to knock out a full grown man, it works through physical contact with the skin

spirit sight - allows the user to see spirits and souls, this skill may be transferred through genetics and sexual activities
Requires a divine class

Spiritual radiance - The users soul shines brightly like a beacon to all spirits, this skill cannot be deactivated
Requires a divine class

Soul forging - The user can forge souls into items
Requires a divine class

Soul devouring - The user can devour souls and gain 10 Hp back from them
Requires a divine class

spirit wisp - the user can tame spirits and transform them into 'wisps' wisps are a deem powered form of a spirit and can be dealt with easily, this process can take anywhere from 10 min to a full day(depending on the spirits power)
Requires a divine class

Ice sculptor - you are good at carving ice

Frosty Force
Gain a -10 Degrees surrounding your body

Frosty form - a blizzard constantly whirls around your body freezing any and everything that approaches it In a five foot radius*
Requires Frosty Force 5

Succubus's love - your body is a males fantasy ,gain 5 to charisma and a man cannot resist your charm
Requires demonic race

Succubae of lust - you can gain boosts to stay points by having intercourse with any man woman or sexual device
Requires demonic race

Burning force
Gain a +10 degrees around your body ever level

Burning form
A sandstorm constantly whirls around your body burning away everything around you in a five foot radius
Requires burning force 5

Combat Precognition (requires Oracle 3): The user can predict an opponent's moves quicker then the eye can blink. The user adds half their knowledge to their defense and cannot be surprise attacked

Low Pain Tolerance: takes 0.05 additional damage per level from Specific attacks

Gun smoke: ( requires gunslinger) gain +1 whenever doing checks involving guns. This can be gotten multiple times

Bullet Crafting: Allows you to create a bullet from anything that can fit in the chamber within reason. This also counts as Artisan for the purpose of making bullets.

Gun blade Crafting: (requires Proficiency in a ranged weapon and Proficiency in a melee weapon) you may combine any gun and melee weapon. You can switch the damage between each as a swift action or do both as a full turn action. This weapon combines the stat boosts and other properties together except for range which only applies to each weapon individually unless said otherwise by the weapons. The Proficiency of all weapons used in the creation are combined for the gun blade. This skill counts as Artisan for the purpose of Crafting Guns and Blades. You can only combine 2 weapons

Bloody Clip ( requires Gunslinger): Adds +1 damage to gun damage. This can be gotten multiple times

Radius Humerus: (requires bloody clip 4 and point blank) allies in the radius of all your attacks are not damaged. Multiweapon Crafting ( Proficiency 2 in a melee weapon, Proficiency 3 in a ranged weapon and Gun blade Crafting) you can now add more then two weapons and any other items.

Gun Duel: ( requires Gun smoke 2 ) the gunslinger can spend 1 round preparing a shot intended for 1 target. When he attacks the target with the gun he doubles his attack roll unless it is a natural one. If it is a natural 20 double the damage multiplier. If you have a Gun Duel with this skill you always shoot first. If the other person has Gun Duel both fire at the same time

Dead shot (requires Gun Duel and Gun smoke 3) the Gunslinger can spend 1 turn calculating his shot. He can then fire at any target within the guns range even without seeing them or pointing the gun at them. This can be used at the same time as Gun Duel 6 in one: ( requires Gun smoke 3 and Gun Duel ) you spend one turn preparing for six targets or six times on one target with a full clip in one clip. You fire at all targets. The attacks uses up all ammo in the clip. This can be used with

Gun Duel. If you have two guns you may hit 12 targets or 1 target 12 times.

Point Blank: ( Requires Bloody Clip 2 ) make a grapple check against the target. If successful your next shot with the target is undodgable as long as you are holding them

Those bones those bones them meaty bones - you can eat the bones of your enemies to get a plus one to a stat permanently
Requires a cannibalistic or monstrous race

Goodnight - in a 50 ft. radius no one can see or hear, they take a minus 10 to all rolls, this costs 10 knowledge to activate, it lasts for 5 rounds
Requires a Dex of 30 or higher and a stealthy 3

stolen future - You make a deal with the god of time, and in exchange for something from you the god gives you a better life by making someone else's life in the party miserable
requires an affiliation with a god of time

Unorthodox Proficiency A general Proficiency for any object not traditionally used as a weapon.

Necromantic Cult( requires Red Mana, Necromancy 6): whenever doing a ritual for every creature that assists in the ritual it subtracts 1 hour from the casting time (minimum 5 minutes)
Requires you to either be Hemomagnus necromancer or warlock or you to evil and a divine class

Red Mana: you can use 1 HP for 2 Knowledge
Requires you to either be Hemomagnus necromancer or warlock or you to evil and a divine class

Spirt summon - You may summon a spirt animal to help you on your journey of life
Requires a divine class

Divine orisons
You may use your charisma in place of knowledge and vice versa
Requires a divine class

Touch of The Void
You may once a day become invincible to all attacks and regain all Hp and Knowledge
Requires oracle 3 future vision 4 and a divine class

Angel's Vengeance
Once per day the paladin may take on a head-ache loss all knowledge and charisma and
Take on the form of either an angel, half angel, daemon, demon, archangel, or Fallen angel
Requires a divine class warrior class and a deity that trusts you

Graviton Pressure
your character infuses their hit with some extra gravity and knocks back enemies hit 25 ft.
Requires Graviton and a str of 20

this skill allows you to access gravity based skills
Requires Void mage class

you increase the gravity in a five foot radius around you enough to bring a troll to their knees
Requires Graviton

Gravity arrow
you spend a full turn to shoot an arrow that increases personal gravity of the person hit by x2
Requires Graviton and a dex of 25

Gravity shield
you create a shield of gravity that causes physical attacks to have to hit double your defense to hit
Requires Graviton and a def of 25

Gravity sword
this sword is made of controlled gravity and when it hits feels as though you got a mountain dropped in your shoulder it takes a full round action to make this sword
Requires Graviton

Selective channeling
You may instead of healing anyone in range heal 3 + 1/5 charisma people within range of you
Requires cleric, inquisitor, or paladin

Advance channel
You roll d8s for channel instead of d6s
Requires cleric, inquisitor, or paladin

Force channel
Instead of distributing positive energy you distribute force energy
Requires cleric, inquisitor, or paladin

Grave upheaval
When you activate electrolyze on a dead body or in a graveyard you raise 1d6 of rank 1-3 revenants, reveres, and or zombies after you cast this if it is not a trait of your race you must rest for 1d6 of hours or spend X*6 knowledge where X is the summoned undead
Requires electrolyze, necromancy 2 and either a knowledge of 26 or a cha of 26

Celestial gust
When you activate either a Cryomancy spell or the skill gust in any direction you are facing create 1d12 of light/ ice/ air elemental spirts this spirts may act as though you ae them and they are you and you may switch positions with them at any time as well
Requires cryomancy 2 hieromancy 2 and gust or elemental body wind


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