Experimental gun skills

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Experimental gun skills

Post by Admin on Sun Oct 08, 2017 12:25 am

Experimental clips

Golden clip - allows you to use +5 ammo but if your crit you loss all your money

Elementalist clip - able to elemental shots with your ammo if you crit fail you ammo is reduced to .10 of its current amount if you crit succeed you gain 2.00 of your ammo

Arcane clip - use 1 point of knowledge as 1 bullet each does an additional +3 damage but are treated as non-physical and magic damage

Experimental barrels

Silencer - reduce damage .95 also gives stealthy

Long barrel - gain +40ft of range and +1.10 damage

Heated barrel - gains +3 fire enchantment gun may be used as a melee weapon

Experimental scopes

Laser scope - gives dead eye as a skill as well as nocturnal and damage reduction or .95

Iron sights - -20ft but gain a damage boost 1.25

Red dot sight - -10ft but gain damage boost 1.15


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