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Psionics Special

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Learn a new Psionic ability requires 5 Ranks
Hemokinesis control of blood
Pyrokinesis control of fire
Biokinesis control of cells
Geokinesis control of earth and metals
Aerokinesis control of air
Electrokinesis control of electricity
Hydrokinesis control of water
Photokinesis control of light
Astral Projection project yourself into the Astral plane leaving your body behind. While in this dimension Psionic abilities gain a 1.5x modifier and magic abilities gain a .5x  multiplier. You may bring along companions
Etheric Projection Allows you to project to the Ethereal Plane. While in this dimension all magic abilities gain a 1.5x multiplier and all Psionic abilities except for ESP gain a .5x Multiplier. You may bring allies Mental Projection Allows you to enter your own mind as well as the mind of others. This can be done with allies as well. All Knowledge based attacks gain a 1.5x multiplier and all physical attacks gain a .5x multiplier
Clairvoyance Able to view a person, place or thing with an appropriate Knowledge check
Post cognition the ability to see future events
Precognition the ability to see past events Time Perception the ability to control the perception of time. This allows you to cause your own perception of time to slow down giving a +X bonus to dodge rolls where X equals Knowledge spent. You can also use this on others and if sped up they get -X Aura Reading Allows you to see the essence of a person
Psychometric Allows you to see the history of an object and people who touched it
Energy Psi Construct Allows you to make constructs only visible to Psychics. These constructs can be programmed to do things without effort from the psychic. Healing Allows you to heal 1 Hp per 1 know. This skill is not positive, negative or neutral energy. Psi Vampirism Allows you to steal 1 HP per 1 know. This skill is not positive, negative or Neutral energy Tulpamancy Allows you to create a being from your mind. You gain two faced but you are not at odds with your tulpae. When you have this being you get x2 multiplier on memory checks and can do X more Mental actions where X equals the number of Tulpae Psychic Persuasion For 5 know Allows the user to add half their knowledge to charisma rolls made relating to talking with a being that has a mind. If this being has a charisma equal to the caster's knowledge they can use all their knowledge with their charisma Sealing This allows you to seal energy within people. This can be used to Nullify supernatural or Divine abilities. If used on a divine or occult caster make a rivaled know check. If successful they are unable to use it
Ultimate Psionic Chronokinesis (requires 10 Discipline, Time Perception and Future Vision ) Clorokinesis ( requires 10 Discipline, Warping, Astral Projection, Etheric Projection and Telekinesis) Atom kinesis ( Requires 90 Discipline, Clorokinesis, and Chronokinesis ) Caelestikinesis ( Requires 90 Discipline, Clorokinesis, Clairvoyance, Photokinesis, Pyrokinesis) Akashic Records ( Requires 10 Discipline, Astral Projection ) this skill allows you to go to the akashic records, an Astral library of all Knowledge from all sections of time. You cannot bring anything with you from the library and it is guarded by psychic from olden times who have ascended. Tulpa Fabrication ( requires 10 Discipline, Golemancy Artificer or Necromancy, Tulpamancy ) this skill allows you to put tulpae you make into a body. This tulpa has all the def, con, cha, dex, and str of the body but the know and psychic related skills of the creator. You can use Tulpae Fabrication to have your tulpa  take someone else's mind but it requires a knowledge check to accomplish. Once it succeeds the victim is trapped within their own mind which is now controlled by the tulpa and must go through the mind to be free.


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