Orders/Need reworks

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Orders/Need reworks

Post by Admin on Sat Sep 23, 2017 12:28 pm

Orders do not stack together

Fey Order- +2 con and kno for allies while
And poison immunity
Requires you to understand nature or be a fae folk

Fell order - +2 Dex +1 str +1 Kno for
summon element fire and gain HP from
Negative energy or poison
Requires you to be evil

Savage fey/Fell order - +3 str +2 Dex -1 def for allies
summon element fire
And earth pain tolerance
Requires you to be chaotic in nature

Aberrant order +1 str +1 dex +1 def
For allies as well as one of the skills from the
Aberrant bloodline and summon weapon Revere
Requires aberrant nature

Green skins +2 str +2 def keen focus and ravenous blood for all of your hoard
Requires green skin race

Order of the dammed +2 cha +2 Def
Necromancy 2 summon necrotic knife pain tolerance 2 undead 1
Requires you to be undead

Dragon order Goretrak- +2 Def +2 con and Summon weapon (earth shield) and serrated body 1
Requires you to be neutral and have an earth based skill

Dragon order Fatherin - +2 str + 2 Dex and gain
Summon weapon (Fire spear) and rage
Requires you to be within one step of chaotic evil and 1 fire based skill

Dragon order Colivin - +2 Kno +2 con and gain
water summon weapon
( ice bo staff) and foresight 1
Requires you to be within one step of chaotic good and have a water based skill

Dragon order wynwrath - +2 Dex +2 Kno and summon weapon
(Wind rapier )
Requires you to be within one step of lawful good and have a wind based skill

Dragon order ornlevex - +3 con and summon weapon
( blessed steel long sword)
Requires you to be good

Dragon Order Velkin - +3 kno and summon weapon
( cursed Voidic zweihander)
Requires you to be evil

Order of the white stallion - +500 g +3 cha
Gain a summon eidolon horse summon
Requires you to start with at least 300 g and have a indigo

Pack order +2 con +2 dex keen focus sinister bite
Gnashing Tooth
Requires beast race


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